Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Walmart, K-Mart & Publix

I am just getting to where I can add in Walmart, K-Mart and Publix into my deal weeks. I wanted to add Winn-Dixie but I haven't really come across any amazing deals.

Please bear (is it bear or bare?) with me as I pick up these bigger stores. It will be slow going but I have to start somewhere!

Walmart -

  • Yoplait Kids (Dora) yogurt cups are 2 for $5. Use 2 $1.50 off coupons from a recent Sunday paper, and a printable found here for $1 off 2 to make these only $.50 each.
  • Use the coupons from Walmart's All You magazine to get a ton of stuff free. There are buy 3 Kraft products get one free coupons that are awesome. Kool-aid is a Kraft product. I will buy 12 packets of Kool-aid and use 4 coupons to get the following free:
    **1 12 oz package of Kraft Cheese Singles
    **1 package of Oscar Meyer hot dogs
    **1 box of Wheat Thins
    **1 16oz bottle of Kraft Dressing
    This is a really terrific deal! I am also going to pick up another All You magazine to do it all again!
  • Blueberry Miniwheats are $2something. There is a printable here for $1 off and then the Walmart All You magazine has another $1 off 1 coupon. To make this deal even better go here to read about Kellogg's free after rebate on this cereal! The actual rebate is on the box. Use one coupon on each box, then submit your rebate for one of the boxes, and get both for free or really cheap in the end!


  • Use one of those buy 3 Kraft coupons and get a Crystal Light can free! Now, here is why you should do this at Publix and not Walmart this week. Crystal Light has a buy 1 get 1 free deal. You can either get 2 Crystal Lights or one Crystal Light and one Kraft Live Active Product for free on this combo deal! Be quick - this deal ends either today or tomorrow, I think!
  • General Mills cereals are $1.99 each. There are quite a few printable General Mills cereal coupons here that could score you a nice cereal deal.


  • X-TRA laundry detergent is on sale 5 for $5.
  • Bic 10ct mechanical pencils are $1 each. Use some of those $1 off 2 coupons here and from a recent Sunday paper to get them for $.50 each or free!

Remember, usually K-Mart won't let you use more coupons than you have items. Make sure you count the coupons in your hand and the items in your cart so they match up. We won't have a problem with all the detergent we are going to buy.

So, there you have my first big store deal run-down. I know it isn't much so please comment if you have a cool deal I can add to this list.