Saturday, October 11, 2008

My deals today - Walgreens, Walmart, CVS

I usually do my shopping on Wednesday but this week was different. I have been really tired and kinda overwhelmed with couponing and such so I decided to just rest for a few days and then jump back into it.
Am I ever glad I waited!
Some new coupons came out today here and they made my deals today terrific! If you run you can match up coupons and rebates today for freebies at Walgreens like: To learn about Walgreens Easy Rebates read more here.

  • Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner on sale through today for $19.99. There is a $10 Easy Rebate and a $10 off 1 coupon here making this neat gadget free!
  • Windex glass cleaner is on sale through today for $2.50. Use the $2 off 1 coupon here and then get your $1 Easy Rebate for a $.50 overage!
  • Fantastik Cleaner is $2.50 through today. Use the $1.50 off 1 coupon here and then get your $1 Easy Rebate to get these for free!
Some good Walmart deals I partook in today were:

  • Preparation H Wipes are $2.97. There is a $3 off 1 coupon here (updated with a new expiration date) making these free.
  • Vlasic Relish is always $1 at my Walmart. I still have a ton of $1 off 1 coupons left over from the Crunch In The Fast Lane sweepstakes and got 2 jars for free.
  • Green Giant Steamers were as little as $1.23 a bag. I used 3 coupons from this past Sunday paper, and 3 printables from here and here to get 6 bags for $.23 each. I am not sure which printables are still available because I have already printed my allowed coupons.


  • 32 oz Vitamin Water is $2.29 with a $2.29 ECB through today. This is free after ECBs.
  • CVS Vitamin D is $2.99 with a $2.99 ECB though October making them free after ECBs.
  • Well Patch arthritis relief is $5.99 with a $5.99 ECB. You can do this deal 5 times this month and get them all for free after ECBs.

All in all I got the following:

1 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner
2 Fantastik Sprays
2 Windex
2 Glade Plug Ins
3 8oz packs of shredded cheese
2 Life Waters
2 Small Candies (to spoil my kids)
6 Green Giant veggie streamers
4 bags Nestle choco chips
2 Preparation H wipes
2 Vlasic Relish jars
1 Well Patch arthritis relief
1 CVS vitamin D
1 Vitamin water (32oz)
2 8-packs Reeces

Totals (after tax, before coupons)
Walgreens: $43.05
Walmart: $25.18
CVS: $13.25
= $81.48

Out Of Pocket Cash (after coupons, store rewards I paid with, my Walgreens rebate gift card, and tax)
Walgreens $0.00
Walmart $7.18
CVS $1.25
= $8.43

I will receive $16 in Easy Rebates from Walgreens, and I got back $11.27 in Extra Care Bucks from CVS. Very Nice!!!

Let me take a quick minute to explain how I got the $81.48 down to $8.43 (click on each highlighted word to get more specific how-tos). On really good deal weeks I store up Walgreens Register Rewards (dollar off coupons that print out after specified products are purchased - most of which I use coupons on to get for free or extremely cheap) and I do every free after rebate Walgreens offers each month. I also wait for coupons that make cheap after rebate items free after coupon and rebate. I submit every rebate at without fail at the end of each month. For September alone I received $101 back and chose to have it put on my Walgreens gift card (choosing the gift card gets me an extra 10% back!). I do the same at CVS with their Extra Care Bucks. I pay close attention to expiration dates for both the register rewards and the Extra Care Bucks and try to roll them over - using them to purchase other things that will grant me more Extra Care Bucks. It is the roll over of these store specific dollar off coupons and monthly Walgreens rebates that keep me from paying much cash out of pocket.